Video Advertising Engineer
  • 4.5 million yen to 8 million yen

    ■ Monthly income: 375,000-660,000 yen Monthly salary system Determined based on age, experience and skills.
    ■ Salary increase: Once a year
    ■ Bonus: * System is under construction
    ■ Transportation expenses: Full payment
    ■ Commuting allowance
    ■ Sales allowance
    ■ Overtime allowance

  • Tokyo head office (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

    ■ Nearest station:
    Roppongi Station 2 minutes on foot

  • 09: 30-18: 30 (break: 60 minutes)

    [Overtime] About 35 hours a month depending on the season

  • Benefit - Holiday/Vacation

    ■ Benefits
    ■ Various social insurance
    ■ Employee stock ownership system
    ■ Qualification (self-development) incentive system
    ■ Keihin Summon Money System
    ■ Employee discount system
    ■ Housing assistance system
    ■ Full payment of transportation expenses (up to 50,000 yen / month)
    ■ Family vacation
    ■ Neighborhood housing assistance
    ■ Neighboring moving assistance (200,000 yen provided for the first time only)
    ■ The latest mobile device purchase assistance
    ■ Team building support system
    ■ In-house massage (treatment by professional masseur)
    ■ Qualification assistance (provided qualification examination fee)
    ■ Holidays
    ■ Full week off 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), holidays
    ■ New Year holidays
    ■ Summer vacation
    ■ Wedding and funeral leave
    ■ Childbirth, childcare, nursing care leave
    ■ Annual paid leave (granted 10 days after joining the company)
    ■ Family vacation
    * Annual holiday: 123 days

Jobs Description

Understand the iOS SDK of the main business, the video network business “AdCorsa” and the SSP business “Adfri-kun”, and support the introduction to the app Developer!

[Details of work]
・ Design / development / operation of advertising distribution SDK
・ Other iOS application development / operation

■ House Advertising Product Overview
(1) Video network: “AdCorsa” born from our abundant operational experience is a video ad network that solves the problems of both advertisers / media owners, maximizes the effectiveness of promotions, and increases profits.
(2) Rewards / Affiliates: “GREE Ads Reward” is one of the largest reward networks in Japan, and supports attracting users to advertisers' apps / sites and monetizing the media.
(3) SSP: “Adfuri-kun” is an SSP service specialized for smartphone applications. Supports multiple ad networks and maximizes media revenue with minimum operational man-hours.


[Necessary requirements]
* One of the following experiences
■ Development experience of iOS native app or SDK more than 1 year
■ Team development experience using git or svn
■ Over 1 year development experience of ObjectiveC
Welcome conditions
■ Development / operation experience on Linux.
■ Development experience using PHP or Python or Ruby on Rails.
■ Team development experience using git or svn with more than 2 people.
■ Basic knowledge about ad technology.

Company Information

Agency business
Marketing product business
Media Rep business


Recommendation points !!
Glossom is a wholly owned subsidiary of GREE Inc. listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We are in charge of digital marketing agency business.
We support the growth of our client business based on our own technology, high experience, and strong relationships as a GREE group.
Grossom continues to evolve in a field full of possibilities, and has many experiences, excellent colleagues, and more opportunities to grow than anything else cultivated as a Glee group. Let's challenge growth together for the future!

You can also improve your skills while studying at Glossom University (training system)!

■ Work environment:
People in their 20s and 30s are active, and it is a very lively and bright workplace.

■ Selection process
[Profile Selection]

[Primary interview] Interviewer: Director of Human Resources

[Secondary interview] Interviewer: Site manager

[Final interview] Interviewer: President / Executive

* The selection frequency and content may change. Please note.


  • iOS app development experience

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