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Web Design Producer / Planner Web Design Producer / Planner
  • 4 million yen to 6 million yen Monthly income: 292,000 ~ 459,000 yen Annual ...

・ The company is building an organization that emphasizes not every individual but the whole group. In which human resource is the most important ...

― 2020.03.25 View details
Housing inspection and Warranty service Housing inspection and Warranty service
  • 3 million yen-6 million yen ・Trial period: Available (3 months) [Benefit pa...

For foreign nationality Must be fluent in Japanese (about N2 / N1), resident in Japan, and available to interview . ・ A company that enhances empl...

― 2020.03.25 View details
Mechanical engineer Mechanical engineer
  • 3 million yen-5.5 million yen

Company characteristics and culture ・ Japan is conducting research and supplying essential equipment in the process of producing high quality prod...

― 2020.02.10 View details
Support staff for new business planning Support staff for new business planning
  • 3.4 million yen-5 million yen

Our company focuses on the planning and operation of child welfare facilities and the staffing and referral service business. We will always raise ...

― 2020.02.04 View details
Human resources member Human resources member
  • 3.5 million yen-7 million yen

LUXA business that offers a wide range of services centered on “LUXA,” a premium time sale EC site that provides “luxurious and affordable experien...

― 2020.01.15 View details
International exchange support International exchange support
  • 4-7 million yen

◆ Support students by utilizing language and communication skills! ◆ Inexperienced OK! It was worth challenging to develop global human resources! ...

― 2019.12.25 View details
Recruitment staff Recruitment staff
  • 3.2 million to 4 million yen

・Almost employee in their twenties are working in our company ・The outstanding point is that you can adjust your own schedule according to worklo...

― 2019.12.25 View details
System Development Engineer System Development Engineer
  • 350 to 10 million yen

In an environment dealing with customers from many industry groups, you will be able to accumulate your career-oriented skills from the assigned jo...

― 2019.12.25 View details
Software (control) engineer Software (control) engineer
  • 3 million yen to 4 million yen Fixed salary: ¥ 205,000 ~ ¥ 300,000 / month ...
  • Okayama,

We are looking for experienced electronic circuit engineers and experienced control system software engineers. We are good at developing custom-mad...

― 2019.12.23 View details
[Tokyo] Large-scale system development engineer [Tokyo] Large-scale system development engineer
  • 4.7 million yen-5.6 million yen
  • Tokyo[23ku],

In the future, we can engage in a wide range of activities, from proposals to customers, upstream processes, and customer support. You can acquire ...

― 2019.12.19 View details
Advertising Content Director Advertising Content Director
  • 4 million yen-7 million yen
  • Tokyo[23ku],

The LUXA business, which offers a wide range of services centered on the premium time sale EC site “LUXA”, which provides “luxuri...

― 2019.12.16 View details
Office work and inquiries related to nursery school Office work and inquiries related to nursery school
  • 3.5 million yen-5.5 million yen

We will take care of the administrative work related to the management and operation of the “nursery school” we operate. The direct operation of ea...

― 2019.12.13 View details

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働きやすい環境を目指していくためには   ワークライフバランスと...

― 2019.08.21 UPDATE

はじめに 働き方改革という言葉が声高に叫ばれている現在、フリーランスでも...

― 2019.09.20 UPDATE
Nguyen Van Tuan

    w2ソリューション株式会社 Nguyen Van Tuan(グェン・ヴァン...

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Featured Jobs

Administrator, manager for overseas growth strategy promotion
Administrator, manager for overseas growth strategy promotion
2,500 - 4,500 USD
― 2018.10.08 UPDATE
[inexperience welcome]Call center staff
[inexperience welcome]Call center staff
― 2019.04.16 UPDATE
【Vietnam】Cross-business management planning
【Vietnam】Cross-business management planning
Monthly income 2000USD-3000USD ※ Decide
― 2019.05.30 UPDATE
IT engineer
IT engineer
3.5 ~ 8 million JPY
― 2019.05.20 UPDATE
WEB Development Engineer
WEB Development Engineer
Monthly income: 500USD to 1000USD * Acco
― 2019.12.23 UPDATE
Web system developing engineer
Web system developing engineer
Estimated annual income: 3,300,000 JPY o
― 2018.09.27 UPDATE
Technical Writer (English documents)
Technical Writer (English documents)
Annual salary 5 ~ 10 million JPY (approx
― 2019.01.17 UPDATE
Web engineer
Web engineer
Monthly salary of 250,000 JPY (Includes
― 2018.07.30 UPDATE