Pham Phu Quoi


Pham Phu Quoi

Why did you choose Evolable Asia Agent?

Support was reliable and I thought that was good. After I was introduced EAA, I met a consultant to support job hunting.

They listened carefully about my past work experience, what I studied at university, what kind of job I want, etc., After I was introduced some companies, They sent my resume to the company I currently work for.
Then it was very early before work was decided. I got an interview two days later, and I was able to receive an informal decision on weekends.


Please tell me the reason why you chose the company?

I chose this company because this company is involved in the Internet business and related to subjects majoring in university. The auction system is not well known in Vietnam. I am interested in this system. It was one of the reasons for joining the company that I wanted to know more about this
Human relations is also good. People who work together are very kind and funny.
When I am working still beyond the time one leaves the office, I am told “Go home early!”


What do you want to do in the future?

I have not decided on future career path yet. If I continue to work in Japan, I would like to work hard and raise my skill level!

If I go back to Vietnam and work in the future, I would like to work for a company which is developing offshore business. And I would like to work with Japanese clients

Eventually I would like to establish an online auction system in Vietnam