Ha Quang Vu


ハー クァン ブー さん Ha Quang Vu

 1) Why did you choose to work in Japan?

Because I feel admiration for the industrious virtues and the team spirit of the Japanese. I believe that with these qualities, their work environment should be very professional and highly disciplined. In addition, Japan is a developed country in Asia, so living and living environments are one of the reasons why we want to move here. In the end, I chose Japan to develop my career because the pay system here is very good, that is the decisive factor for my choice.

2) What is most difficult in the job search process? Can you share your strengths?

Being able to speak Japanese is the biggest barrier because at that time I only learned Japanese for 6 months. In addition, finding a job yourself will be difficult, such as finding a reliable source of information or learning about the company you want to apply for; Company culture is right for you, work is right with the ability, … Fortunately, we have Everddy help job introduction, so the difficulty is also significantly reduced. I just focus on studying and preparing for interviews well.
My strength is probably determination. When I have started something I will try to achieve it, I do not accept you easily if the target has not reached.

3) What are the skills and information useful to find a job? And where is the key to success?

According to the comments of Japanese companies in the issue of finding people to work quite well, so if there is “referral”, your ability to be a bit higher, so do not ignore the help of employment counseling companies. They will save you a lot of time and effort during the job search. However, true capacity is the key to success. And I think these are two points to note when looking for work in Japan.

4) What is the difference between looking for work in Japan and Vietnam?

The difference that you see most clearly is that in Vietnam, when interviewed directly, you have many opportunities to demonstrate and prove to your potential employer, for example, you are a iOS developer, you can take Give employers a look at what they did before to convince them. When interviewing for a job in Japan, mainly through interviews with Skype, it will be more difficult to show the true ability.

5) Can you share the reasons why you chose the current company?

I was attracted by the product of the company when interviewing and directly reviewing the products so I chose the current company. I believe that I have the ability to contribute to the development of product quality better and I know that when I come here I also learn more useful knowledge.

6) Can you describe a bit about your job?

His current job is application programming, initially with a small idea, people will contribute ideas and then build it into a practical application and take on the task of realizing that idea.

7) What are the interesting and difficult points of your job?

Interestingly, this is a product created from ideas so I can comfortably add what I want and apply my creativity every day in the work, there is no limit in the process. brainstorming ideas.
But the difficulty is also in this part because despite the creative use, we still have to think about the reality, the ability and profitability of the company, how to balance all the above is a post Difficulties in the development phase.

8) What do you think about the current working environment?

I am completely satisfied with the current environment. Everyone in the company is very willing to help each other when difficult. The team spirit of our company is very good and I am proud of it

9) What are the interesting and difficult things that you have encountered while living in Japan?

Interesting point is that the cuisine of Japan is very good, in addition to making yourself spend time exploring this beautiful country. I like to go to places in Japan to learn more culture, history and also to relax my mind.
The biggest difficulty is that the language and cost are quite expensive. But I still try to cultivate Japanese after work just fine for work but also good for my daily life.

10) Can you share your career direction? What are your five or five year goals?

I am fortunate to be working in a very good environment, friendly co-workers, so my current future orientation is to offer good products and complete the assigned work.

11) What are the reasons for choosing EAA?

I chose EAA because the company supports me very enthusiastically during the job search. It is not just about introducing the company that teaches you how to make it higher. They also know their capacity to properly introduce the companies that really need them. In addition, EAA’s network of companies is full of dynamic, professional working environment so we are very comfortable.

12) Can you send a text message to those who are also looking to work in Japan?

For those of you who are looking for a job in Japan, I am totally supportive because when you work here you will feel the reality of how well you work in Japan. However, you should remember that their working environment is sometimes harsh and requires a serious and determined commitment. So before you go you should determine what your career orientation is and work in Japan will help you get that. Once you have a clear answer for the problem, you are ready to go.