Pham Phu Quoi

Pham Phu Quoi - AUTO SERVER

Why did you choose Evolable Asia Agent? Support was reliable and I thought that was good. After I was introduced EAA, I met a consultant to support job hunting. They listened carefully about my past work experience, what I studied at university, what kind of job I want, etc., After I was introduced some companies, They sent my resume to the company I currently work for. Then it was very early before work was decided. I got an interview tw...

Vu Minh Duan

Vu Minh Duan - Allied System

1) The reason why you want to go to Japan? After working for a year in Vietnam, my desire to develop my overseas career has grown stronger. When I was gathering information on the Internet, I discovered that the IT sector in Japan was in high demand and the process was not too complicated so I decided to work in Japan. 2) What are the difficulties in changing jobs? What is your strength? I have had a very difficult period of Japanese co...

Ha Quang Vu

ハー クァン ブー さん Ha Quang Vu - SEEC

 1) Why did you choose to work in Japan? Because I feel admiration for the industrious virtues and the team spirit of the Japanese. I believe that with these qualities, their work environment should be very professional and highly disciplined. In addition, Japan is a developed country in Asia, so living and living environments are one of the reasons why we want to move here. In the end, I chose Japan to develop my career because the pay syste...

Nguyen Van Tuan

グエン ヴァン トァンさん Nguyen Van Tuan - W2 Solution Corporation

    w2ソリューション株式会社 Nguyen Van Tuan(グェン・ヴァン・トァン)さん     1/ Why did you decide to work in Japan? After graduating from University of Social and Natural Science, I worked for FPT and involved in a number projects from Japanese clients as well as other customers. However, I somehow had a liking for Japanese customers, notably for their professionalism. When working, Japanese people are highly...

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