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Lately, the work-style of individual and company has been an issue world widely discussed. Especially, the existence of working environment that gives limits to work due to place, nationality, gender, age, etc.
Japanese companies has started “diversity” management that enable to change differences between people become the power of competence. In the other hand, people looking for jobs have started to look for jobs not only within Japan, but also outside Japan. We are aiming to create the real globalization in Japan, and help people and companies to shine no matter where they work at.

CEO’s Message

It has been 10 years since I started to enter this recruiting world.

The society has changed in a very high speed, and this has made changes in recruiting environment as well.
I can feel that there is a change in the meaning of “work”, not only within the companies, but also within individuals.

There are some options to choose in job hunting, such as big companies, ventures, overseas, etc. However, the environment would never change a person. It is either how the person change him/herself by using the environment, or how the person creates his/her career in such environment that matters. Along with the change of people’s value of life, companies should understand the motivation of each employee. What kind of person they should hire, and what kind of career path waiting for him/her after entering the company should be the most important matter in hiring a person.

Making a decision (decide a company to work for, hire someone to work with) is something that needs a big courage. There are some times where we are not confident enough in our decision, and cannot make the ‘big step.’ Evolable Asia Agent is there to be your ‘buddy’ (partner) to make you brave and confidence to take the step.
We support you anytime you need to spread your future value and options.

Director introduction CEO AKIMASA KIM

April 2002
Kyocera Corporation

April 2005
Recruit Ablic (now: Recruit Career)
in charge of IT & Web Companies

April 2010
Recruit Overseas (RGF Hong Kong Limited)
in charge of establishing overseas branch, organization management, and work improvement operation

October 2013
Recruit Career in charge of Government entrusted business

May 2015
Everddy (now: Evolable Asia Agent)

Company Information

Evolable Asia Agent Co. Ltd
6-2-9 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Orita Building 4th floor ,Japan
27th May 2015
5 milion yen
Akimasa Kim
Human Affairs & Recruitment Consulting
Human Affairs Outsourcing Fee-charging employment agent (Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare Permission No 13-YU-307300)

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